Residential Boiler Installation, Replacement and Repair

Financing a Residential & Commercial Boiler Replacement

Financing a Residential & Commercial Boiler Replacement

A boiler is an essential appliance in every building. Residential boilers keep homes warm and ensure that people are comfortable. A commercial boiler is responsible for keeping employees warm through adequate heating of the building, ensuring that they are productive and business runs smoothly.

However, boilers can become less efficient over time. When this happens, professional boiler replacement services are needed to replace them; you want to avoid leaving your family or employees exposed to cold, especially in areas like Burlington, Oakville, Stoney Creek, and their surrounding areas, where winters can be harsh.

However, the cost of a new boiler can be a huge investment, which is why financing options are available for residential and commercial boiler replacement.

This can provide a flexible and manageable way to cover the cost of a new system. You can get a boiler replacement without paying the upfront cost with financing options. This is a good option for homeowners and businesses that need a boiler replacement but cannot afford to pay for it upfront.

The Cost of Residential Boiler System Replacements

Residential boiler replacements can cost between $7,500 and $15,000. Factors like the size, installation, fuel type (natural gas, propane, or oil), brand, switching fuel type, or location can also impact the cost of a boiler replacement.

Cost of Commercial Boiler System Replacements

Commercial boiler system replacements can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more depending on the heating requirements of your building.

Generally, the cost of replacing commercial boilers is higher than residential boilers because commercial boilers are more complex, having many heating and hot water zones, which will require more labour and time to install. Commercial boilers are also more efficient because they are manufactured with big buildings like warehouses in mind, which makes them cost more.

Get Full Replacement Without Having to Pay the Upfront Cost

MDM Mechanical provides a financing option for complete boiler replacement. With this option, homes and businesses in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Brantford, and surrounding areas can avoid paying the upfront cost for the replacement.

We partner with natural gas utility providers to add the new boiler replacement cost to your monthly natural gas bills. With this option, you can get a full replacement of your boiler without compromising quality service. This is more affordable as you don't have to worry about the upfront costs.

Natural Gas Rebates for High-Efficiency Boiler Upgrades

Residential rebates or incentives require an energy assessment or (audit) on your home to see how your home will qualify to receive any rebates. Boiler rebates might not be available now for 2023. The previous year, a rebate of $1,000 was available for upgrading your boiler from a less than 80% efficient unit to a 95% condensing boiler.

Commercial incentives and rebates are available by lowering your current natural gas consumption. You must be an existing Enbridge gas consumer to receive any rebates or incentives. Here is an example:

A building owner has a 1 million BTU boiler that heats the entire building. It is 75% efficient, meaning that the boiler's actual output is 25% less than 1 million BTU. So the boiler's output is really 750,000 BTUs as the 250,000 BTUs go up the chimney.

You can install a high-efficiency boiler with an input of 750,000 BTU, taking 250,000 BTUs of consumption off their existing usage. These calculations are done by the utility and give the building owner an expected rebate and predict the amount of cubic feet of natural gas will be saved by installing a more efficient boiler that operates on outdoor temperature.

Boiler Manufacturers We Recommend

If you are shopping for a new residential or commercial boiler, deciding on the brand to choose might be challenging because there are tons of brands available in the market. The factors to consider before choosing a boiler are performance, warranty, quality, efficiency ratings, and customer service.

Residential Boiler Manufacturers

As a company who has worked with different makes and models, we recommend the following for residential boilers:

Residential Boiler Manufacturers

1. Bradford White

2. NTI

3. Lochinvar

4. WeilMclain

5. IBC Boiler

6. Bosch

Commercial Boiler Manufacturers

For commercial boilers, we recommend NTI, Lochinvar, Weil Mclain, and IBC, specifically:

Commercial Boiler Manufacturers




3. NTI LX series

Weil Mclain: 

1. Weil Mclain Evergreen

2. Weil Mclain SVF


1. Lochinvar Crest

2. Lochinvar FTXL



2. IBC SL Series

While some of these brands might be expensive, they are better options because we have worked with them for years, which is why we recommend them. Apart from the fact that these boilers are highly efficient, which means less money on your energy bills, they are also high-quality. You will be spending less on constant repairs due to breakdowns. They also offer warranties on their products, and they have responsive customer service.

Going for brands not recommended by experts will cost you more money in the long run. We recommend talking to an expert like MDM before buying a new boiler; this way, you can be sure that you are investing in a high-quality brand that is also well-suited for the heating needs of your building.

Contact MDM Mechanical for Boiler Replacement Services

MDM Mechanical can assist you in determining which boiler is best for you or your business based on the size of your home or building, the efficiency of the boiler, and the fuel type of your existing boiler.

We have been serving homes and businesses in Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, and the surrounding areas for years. Our professionalism and years of experience are unmatched. We offer a wide range of high-quality boilers from top manufacturers and can offer custom solutions for your building. Contact MDM Mechanical today for boiler installation and replacement in Burlington, if you notice signs to replace your boiler or to schedule a FREE consultation and get started on your boiler replacement project.

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