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Gas Piping Installation Services in Hamilton

Residential and commercial gas piping installation, repair, and relocation services are complex tasks that require the utmost precision and attention to detail. All it takes is one wrong move or misstep and you could jeopardize the safety of your family and your entire neighbourhood.

At MDM Mechanical, we specialize in offering professional and dependable gas piping services in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Our Gas Piping Services

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are renovating your existing property to increase its functionality, add new fixtures, or increase its resale value, we offer extensive gas piping installation and repair services that give you peace of mind.


At MDM Mechanical, we take gas piping installation in Hamilton very seriously. Whether you want to add a new gas line connection to the interior or exterior of your property, our expert technicians are thoroughly trained and capable of taking all necessary health and safety precautions to ensure a job well done. We can add new gas lines as well as remove or relocate existing ones as needed.


Pipe routing is the process of carefully designing the infrastructure of a gas connection line. Since natural gas is a serious fire hazard and broken or damaged gas lines can pose a serious explosion risk, it’s important that you never try to attempt to route or reroute a gas line unless you know what you’re doing. To avoid any undue danger, consider hiring the experts at MDM Mechanical to do this for you.

Gas Line Maintenance

If your gas line needs partial or complete replacement, you can trust the expert technicians at MDM Mechanical to get the job done for you. We fully comply with all health and safety standards to ensure the well-being of our customers and our employees. As a guarantee of our service quality and dedication, we also offer an extensive warranty on all part replacements and other maintenance work.

Gas Line Repairs

Just like installation and maintenance work, gas line repairs need to be handled as delicately as possible to uphold stringent health and safety standards. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to perform in-depth diagnostic procedures that identify the source of your gas line deficiencies. After careful examination, our experts can recommend and employ suitable gas line repair solutions using equipment and part replacements that are compatible with your exact unit.

What’s Included in Gas Piping Installation?

Hiring us for your gas piping installation project means you’ll have access to some of the most qualified local professionals in the area. Gas piping installation in Hamilton can cover a number of different areas of expertise including running gas lines for stoves and range hoods, BBQs, heated pools, space heaters, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, clothes dryers, and so much more.

Why Choose MDM Mechanical?

MDM Mechanical is one of the leading HVAC and gas piping companies in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Our complete commitment to providing excellent customer service and ensuring total satisfaction is what makes us stand out from our competitors. In addition to offering competitive service pricing, we also adhere to the following basic principles:

  • Upholding safe installation standards
  • Detailed test and inspection services
  • Total accountability for the quality of our work

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Industrial & Commercial

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  • Gas Piping
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  • Unit Heaters / Garage Heaters
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