How to Deal with Plumbing Issues in the Spring

After a long and cold winter season, the mild temperatures and sunshine that springtime brings with it are a welcome change. Springtime in Ontario is rejuvenating and allows people to get back in touch with nature. It also happens to be one of the toughest seasons in the plumbing industry. Every season presents different types of residential and commercial plumbing challenges. As a longstanding plumbing service in Hamilton, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. 

Residual melted water from the previous winter can present a lot of plumbing issues for your property. With the help of a Hamilton plumber, many of these issues can be resolved for a very low cost.

Common Spring Plumbing Issues and Solutions

If you notice a lot of puddles, leaky pipes, and low water pressure in and around your property this spring, then you’re not alone. These are some of the most common plumbing issues property owners in Ontario face during the springtime as the temperatures begin to rise. Here we’ve outlined the potential causes and solutions for each of the most common plumbing issues we deal with in the spring.

Problem: Leaky Pipes Causing Water Damage 

Water that gets trapped inside your pipes during the winter months goes through a constant freeze-thaw cycle. When it freezes into ice on particularly cold days, it expands and pushes against the interior of your pipes. The pipes contract and the pressure from the ice inside can cause them to crack and burst. 

The older the pipes are, the more susceptible they are to bursting in the winter. Outdoor pipes that are directly exposed to winter elements are also more prone to damage. Burst pipes can lead to a series of water damages throughout your property including peeling paint, yellow or brown stains on the walls, and a mouldy or musty odour. If you notice inexplicably low water pressure in the winter or copious amounts of runoff water and puddle formations in the spring, then it’s highly likely you have cracked or broken pipes somewhere on your property. 

Solution: Cracked pipes that are leaking water a are a major plumbing issue that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent further water damage. Not only does this excess water consumption increase your water bill, but it can also cause structural damages to your property. The best solution is to replace the old, damaged pipes with new ones. It’s best to hire professional plumbing services in Hamilton to do this for you.

Problem: Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure is a common spring plumbing issue that has a number of potential causes, all of which require some form of action.

  • Decades-old pipes can become clogged with mineral and lime deposits that hinder water flow. 
  • Mineral and sediment deposits from hard water can also clog your pipes. 
  • Internal pipe corrosion slows down the flow of water and weakens the water pressure in your pipes and damages appliances.
  • Your shutoff valve is half open, preventing the water from moving at its full capacity.
  • Your entire neighbourhood or municipality is experiencing a widespread water supply problem. 

Solution: First, check that your water valve is completely open. This is a simple solution that could resolve the problem. If the water valve wasn’t the issue, then further inspection is needed. There may be mineral and sediment deposits clogging your pipes at which point you’ll need to call a Hamilton plumber to flush out your piping system for you. Barring that, you may also want to consider investing in a whole-property hard water softener to filter out minerals and sediments from your water supply. 

Lastly, ask your neighbours if they’re experiencing low water pressure issues as well. If they are, then this a much larger issue that needs to be handled by your local water supplier. 

Problem: Broken-Down Sump Pump 

Typically located in residential basements, a sump pump is a mechanism that’s responsible for collecting water in the sump basin or pit and then draining it through a discharge line. In the springtime, water accumulation is at an all-time high to the point that a poorly constructed or installed sump pump can’t handle the excess liquid. An overabundance of runoff water running through the sump pump can flood the drainage system. That’s why so many homeowners end up with a flooded basement during the first few weeks of spring. 

Solution: Always make sure to properly maintain and clean out your sump pump. Avoid trying to fix the issue yourself as this could lead to further damages and even void the warranty. It’s best to call in professional sewage sump pump replacement and installation services in Hamilton to diagnose and fix the problem. 

Problem: Cracked or Broken Outdoor Plumbing 

As mentioned, outdoor plumbing systems are far more susceptible to long-term damages because they’re in constant direct contact with environmental elements. Cold temperatures, freezing rain, snow, and ice on the inside and outside of the piping can all lead to cracking. 

Damaged or cracked outdoor pipes result in extensive water consumption, which will inevitably increase your water bill during the winter months. In fact, if you notice a sudden increase in your water bill for no apparent reason, then the first thing you should do is check the outdoor pipes for damages. 

Solution: Always winterize your outdoor pipes in the fall. Shut off the outdoor water supply and drain any remaining water from your pipes to prevent freezing. Disconnect all of your outdoor hoses and drain the faucets. For extra protection, make sure to install an outdoor faucet cover to keep the water source properly insulated and prevent it from freezing. If it’s too late and the outdoor pipes are already cracked, then turn off the water valve supplying those pipes and contact a plumber for drainage repair in Hamilton. 

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