NTI LX Series Boilers

NTI is an industry-leading innovator in the residential and commercial boiler system design, engineering, and manufacturing industry. Founded in 1967, NTI is a proudly Canadian company that strives to achieve maximum efficiency and high-quality services through product and engineering innovation that break down barriers and redefine standards in the HVAC industry. MDM Mechanical is proud to partner with such a world-renowned manufacturer of high-efficiency boiler systems.

About NTI LX Series High-Efficiency Boilers

One of the latest innovations to come out of the NTI product research and development department is the LX Series High-Efficiency boiler system. With its sleek and compact design, the NTI LX Series High-Efficiency boiler is the perfect choice for a variety of low- and high-powered commercial applications. Not only is it extremely easy to clean, but it also has an efficient stainless steel exchanger. All of its components and mechanisms can easy simplify service and maintenance processes as much as possible.

A testament to high-quality engineering, the NTI LX Series High-Efficiency boiler system has multiple set up options that can be customized based on the infrastructure of your building. Installation is incredibly easy. It can be installed as a floor-standing unit or it can be wall-mounted up to 399 MBH. It also features state-of-the-art Cascade management, intuitive touchscreen display controls, and user-friendly interface that can be programmed by just about anyone.

Features of NTI LX Series High-Efficiency Boilers:

To recap, here are the main noteworthy features of the NTI LX Series High-Efficiency boiler system that sets it apart from its competitors:

  • Intuitive touchscreen display
  • Easy cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Wall hanging kit included for LX200-400
  • High power sizes up to 800 MPH
  • Easy display and internal component access
  • Advanced Cascade settings
  • Vents in PVC, CPVC, or polypropylene

Benefits of NTI LX Series Boilers

As the next generation of innovative combi and gas condensing boilers, the NTI LX Series High-Efficiency boilers come in a wide range of configurations, including LX 150, LX 200, LX 300, LX 400, LX 500, LX 600, and LX 800. Each model has a unique set of specifications that are designed to meet various water heating requirements. General benefits include:

  • Three configuration pump outputs
  • Removal door and hinged display for easy access and serviceability
  • Clearance isn’t required on the bottom, back, or side which makes it easier to install
  • Easy to use colour 5.7” touchscreen display with sophisticated menu options
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger has a 98% efficiency rating
  • 93.7% annual utilization efficiency (AFUE)
  • Option of floor-standing or wall-mount installation to maximize convenience, space efficiency, and easy accessibility
  • Vents are conveniently located on top of the cabinet

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