NTI Trin & Stor Indirect Water Heaters

When you need a state-of-the-art, high-performance, and sustainable water heater for commercial and residential applications, NTI is the number one manufacturer and distributor that comes to mind in North America. NTI water heaters have an industry-wide reputation for providing high efficiency and conservative water flow without compromising on heating quality or frequency. Equipped with large capacity storage tanks, NTI Trin & Stor indirect water heaters are among the most comprehensive models that are currently on the market.

As a result, MDM Mechanical is proud to partner with NTI in providing excellent water heater installation and repair services in Hamilton and the surrounding area.

What You Need to Know about NTI Trin & Stor Indirect Water Heaters

Perfect for any commercial or residential application, the Trin & Stor series of boilers from NTI is available in a wide range of sizes with numerous specifications to cleanly and discreetly fit your space. Equipped with long-lasting wear and tear and anti-corrosion resistance, NTI Trin & Stor indirect water heaters have an extensive lifespan that requires minimal maintenance. Each component is expertly designed, engineered, and constructed to reduce the risk of damage and maximize the performance of the unit long-term.

Recently, NTI added a new product to the line. The S20W is a high-performance wall-mounted indirect water heater that maximizes space efficiency and boasts a recovery rate that goes well above and beyond the standard 50-to-65-gallon range of its contemporaries.

Including a 444 stainless steel tank and coil, these boilers are completely pickled and passivated. The perfect combination of form and functionality, NTI Trin & Stor indirect water heaters also feature a wall-mounted packaging and metal covering that matches the appearance of the unit seamlessly for a clean and neat look.

What Are the Features of NTI Trin & Store Indirect Water Heaters?

NTI doesn’t just set the standard for high-performance and high efficiency indirect water heaters; they go above and beyond to break the mould. The following is a list of features that’s included in the NTI Trin & Stor water heater product line:

  • Stainless steel passivated construction
  • Simple and quick aquastat connection
  • Lead-free composition
  • High accuracy TPI control thermostat
  • Widest product range from 40 to 120 gallons
  • Highest quality construction

What Are the Benefits of NTI Trin & Stor Indirect Water Heaters?

  • CFC-free 2” ultra-high density EPS insulation
  • Low standby losses
  • Each unit comes with a thermostatic mixing valve, tank sensor, and T&P valve
  • Hand hole at the top of the unit for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Optional floor stands are also available

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