Residential Boiler and Water Heater Replacement For A homeowner in Hamilton

  • Service Location: A homeowner in Hamilton, Ontario
  • HVAC Service Type: Residential boiler and water heater replacement
  • New Water Heater Type: Residential indirect water heater
  • New Water Heater Brand: NTI Trin&Stor
  • New Boiler Type: Wall hung condensing firetube boiler
  • New Boiler Brand: NTI TFT 110

Residential Boiler and Water Heater Replacement Project Details:

This homeowner was renovating his home and undergoing an energy assessment to receive energy rebates for enhancing the home's efficiency. One of the rebates required the replacement of the home's current 75% efficient cast iron boiler with a high efficiency condensing boiler with an efficiency rating of over 90%.

Also, the existing boiler was positioned on the floor and obstructed the new walls being built. We proposed the installation of our favorite boiler, the NTI TFT firetube boiler, along with a 50-gallon NTI Trin & Stor indirect water heater. Since the house is old, it was heated with cast iron radiators.

We understand the value of long-term investments and are keen on ensuring our clients receive the best service. Hence, again, we installed all new components with the new boiler installation, providing peace of mind to the homeowner.

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