Residential HVAC, Air Conditioning Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Georgina and Innisfil

Residential heating and cooling systems require expert installation, regular maintenance, and professional repairs in order to maintain proper functionality and longevity. MDM Mechanical can help you get your money’s worth out of your heating and cooling system. Our fully licensed and professionally trained technicians are committed to ensuring your absolute comfort during the hot summers and long cold winters. If you’re looking for residential HVAC services in Georgina or Innisfil, Ontario, we’re always ready and willing to help.

HVAC Services in Georgina and Innisfil

At MDM Mechanical, our top priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers and their families. That’s why we strive to consistently deliver the absolute best HVAC services possible. Whether it’s AC installation, emergency HVAC repair, water heater installation, garage heater installation, or heating and cooling system maintenance or repair, we offer a wide range of services that are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Our goal is to get your heating and cooling system up and running again as quickly as possible, so that you and your family can resume your regular activities and go back to spending quality time together in your home.

Your comfort, safety, and peace of mind are our top priority. That’s why we offer the following residential HVAC services in Georgina, Innisfil, and throughout Toronto and the GTA:

  • HVAC installation complete with monthly maintenance services and annual system checkups
  • In-depth HVAC repairs to keep your system running smoothly all year long
  • Routine HVAC maintenance services to ensure the comfort and safety of your family

When it comes to providing top-notch residential HVAC services in Georgina and Innisfil, you can count on the expert technicians at MDM Mechanical! As industry-leading experts, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service by offering fair and competitive pricing as well as answering all of your questions.

Areas Served by MDM Mechanical

In addition to serving the towns of Georgina and Innisfil, we also extend our professional residential HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services to the following areas:

  • King
  • Maple
  • Thornhill
  • Vaughan
  • Richmond Hill
  • Toronto
  • North York
  • Keswick
  • Orillia
  • Holland Landing
  • Bradford
  • Newmarket
  • Aurora
  • Barrie
  • Blue Mountain
  • Collingwood
  • Midland
  • Gravenhurst
  • Kawartha Lakes
  • And more!

Our commitment to providing excellent high-quality service and ensuring the satisfaction of all of our customers is unwavering. We provide an array of services from pipe fittings to installing or extending gas lines that are guaranteed to improve your home’s functionality and efficiency without putting a strain on your pocketbook.

All of our technicians have many years of hands-on experience, so you can rest assured that with MDM Mechanical your home is always in good hands!

Why You Should Work with MDM Mechanical

There are a number of reasons why we think you should consider us for your next residential AC installation, HVAC maintenance service, or repair, including:

Complete Transparency and Trustworthiness

At MDM Mechanical, we’re committed to complete transparency and implementing honest business practices. We only use high-end tools and materials to complete jobs and we’ll never try to up-sell you on products or services you don’t actually need. Additionally, if we notice any extenuating issues with your heating and cooling system during a routine inspection, we’ll let you know immediately and recommend various affordable service or repair options.

Years of Experience

Having worked and lived in Ontario for many years, the technicians at MDM Mechanical thoroughly understand your heating and cooling needs. As homeowners ourselves, we know that the harsh weather conditions during the winter months along with the grueling heat during the summer can put a lot of strain on your HVAC system. With that in mind, we’re always willing to put our knowledge and experience to the test to help you achieve the ultimate level of comfort in your home all year-round.

Fair and Competitive Pricing

We understand that the cost of taking care of your family’s heating and cooling needs can quickly add up, which is why we offer fair and competitive pricing for all of our HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services. If your find a lower price than ours, we’re willing to match it to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with our services. That’s how strongly we stand by our work.

Accessible and Reliable Residential HVAC Services

You have a busy schedule and don’t always have the time or ability to wait around for a serviceperson to arrive during an arbitrary timeframe. With that in mind, MDM Mechanical has very stringent business practices in place to ensure that all of our services are delivered in a timely fashion. We respect your schedule and understand that your time is important. You can rely on us to be available when you need us and to always show up on time.

If we do experience any unexpected delays or need to reschedule your service appointment for any reason, we’ll contact you to let you know.

Skip the Middleperson

When you call MDM Mechanical to schedule an HVAC repair or maintenance appointment, you’ll get direct access to one of our qualified technicians right away, so you can skip the middleperson and get the information you need firsthand.

Fully Licensed Technicians

All of our technicians are fully licensed and undergo hands-on training to ensure complete accuracy and quality consistency for every job. They’re completely qualified to answer all of your questions, make specific service and product recommendations, and implement applicable repairs and services that suit the needs of your heating and cooling system.

Contact MDM Mechanical for Your HVAC-Related Needs

MDM Mechanical is a family-owned and operated residential and commercial HVAC business in Ontario. We specialize in gas fitting, heating, and cooling services and have helped families and business owners across the province achieve optimal comfort in their properties. To learn more about our business, schedule an appointment with a technician, or inquire about pricing, please feel free to contact us today!

Residential HVAC Services

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Water Heaters
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gas Piping
  • Hydronic Heating
  • Ventilation / Filtration
  • Red Tag

Servicing: King, Maple, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Toronto, North York, Keswick, Innisfil, Orillia, Georgina, Holland landing, Bradford, Newmarket, Aurora, Barrie, Blue Mountains, Collingwood, Midland, Gravenhurst, Kawartha Lakes, and More!


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