What You Need to Know about Weil-McLain High-Efficiency Evergreen Boilers

About Weil McLain High-Efficiency Evergreen Boilers

Weil-McLain Evergreen BoilerWeil-McLain is a division of The Marley Wylain Company. They’re one of the top designers and manufacturers of high-quality hydronic comfort heating systems that cater to commercial, residential, and institutional structures. Since 1881, the company has built a reputation for being a world-class innovative heating system supplier and they’ve expanded their manufacturing and sales operations across the United States.

When it comes to providing quality, innovative, reliable, technologically advanced, and sustainable heating systems, there’s only one name that’s universally trusted by contractors, homeowners, engineers, facility managers and architects alike: Weil-McLain.

In addition to unparalleled cutting-edge aesthetic and technological design, Weil-McLain boilers are also cost- and energy-efficient for property owners. All Weil-McLain boilers are designed, engineered, and manufactured with safety, functionality, and structural compatibility requirements in mind to provide consistent heating and comfort.

Features of Weil-McLain Evergreen Boilers

The Weil-McLain Evergreen boiler system boasts the following cutting-edge features that are designed to boost your living standards and exceed your expectations.

  • Stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with non-metallic base
  • Floor-standing boiler with optional wall-mount kit
  • Available in six sizes: 70, 110, 155, 220, 299, 399 MBH
  • Modulating condensing boiler
  • 95% AFUE (70-299); 96.5% combustion efficiency (399)
  • Four pump/auxiliary outputs (e.g., 1 boiler loop pump + 3 zone pumps)
  • Up to eight multiple boiler control with lead/lag rotation
  • Modbus® to BMS connectivity
  • Each input can be assigned to a priority (Up to three priorities)
  • Multiple inputs can be assigned one priority (Zone Base Control)
  • All lag boiler input and output can be used
  • Configurable auxiliary input/output system
  • Boiler circular included (ECM version with 70-155)

Applications of the Weil-McLain Evergreen Boiler

The Weil-McLain Evergreen boiler system is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. With some modifications, it can also be used for single- and multi-unit installations using their patented ZoneStacking® system that supports up to 24 programmable zones within a single property.

The Weil-McLain Evergreen boiler system has a wide range of desirable qualities that make it a cut above the competition. It’s easy to install, operate, and maintain. Plus, it has a sleek and modern design, quiet operation, and low energy consumption which makes it extremely cost-efficient. You also have the option of choosing a floor-standing or wall-mounted unit depending on your space requirements.

Residential Applications

  • Sleek, modern design that adds excellent value to your property
  • Easy programmability to meet your unique level of heating comfort
  • Lower utility bills
  • Environmentally sustainable design and functionality
  • Evergreen 70-299 have an AFUE rating of 95% and are recognized by Energy Star standards as Most Efficient
  • Homeowners can qualify for local utility rebates for further cost savings
  • Smooth performance that contributes to greener environmental sustainability and helps homeowners lower their carbon footprint
  • Compatible with AHRI Certified™ Weil McLain AquaPlus® Indirect Fired Water Heaters, ZoneStacking® capabilities for up to eight boilers

Commercial Applications

  • Innovative technology
  • Familiar easy-to-use interface
  • Ideal for multiple boiler setup
  • 24-zone capability ZoneStacking® without additional third-party control
  • Advanced control features
  • Maintains optimal efficiency through lead-lag rotation and balanced heat loading
  • Compatible with SlimFit® and SVF® commercial boilers

Why You Should Choose a Weil-McLain Evergreen Boiler

In the heating and cooling industry, the name Weil-McLain is synonymous with quality. It’s the reason why MDM Mechanical is proud to partner with and recommend Weil-McLain products to all of our clients in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Plus, they offer a standard five-year parts warranty on all Evergreen model sizes.

Whether you need boiler installation, maintenance, or repair in Hamilton, we can service any Weil-McLain boiler model in record time and for a fair price. Stop searching for “boiler specialist near me” and contact MDM Mechanical today for all of your boiler service needs!

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  • Unit Heaters / Garage Heaters
  • Storage Tanks
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