Commercial Services

Commercial HVAC Services in Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Commercial HVAC Installation:

MDM Mechanical offers a wide range of commercial HVAC services including commercial heating services, commercial cooling services, maintenance, equipment sales and repairs.

Our adherence to building rules and regulations as well as the guidelines that come along with the equipment they may help you choose is what makes us truly reliable.

Are your old water heaters or boilers losing efficiency, leaking and constantly breaking down? Upgrade to a newer, more modern high efficiency system and reduce energy and water usage costs; add value to your business, building and reduce green-house gases.

Expert HVAC Maintenance & Repairs:

Our regular maintenance services allow for comfort to be maintained throughout the year and allow serious savings on cost. This is because the regular checks and repairs help increase the life of your equipment resulting in fewer issues and improved productivity of your equipment.

Commercial Services & Installations:

MDM Mechanical understand that every business and commercial property is different which ultimately means every HVAC system is inherently different and therefore requires their own unique method of service. Our highly-trained technicians can install any commercial HVAC system including rooftop systems.

Commercial HVAC Products & Equipment:

Apart from professional HVAC service and repairs in Hamilton and surrounding areas, look to MDM Mechanical to provide you with a wide range of commercial HVAC products and equipment for sale.

We understand the importance of hot water in your building for your business or tenants. Here at MDM Mechanical you can assure you’re in good hands to make sure your hot water heating needs are met. Contact us to schedule a free consultation for us to better service you and your business needs.

Industrial & Commercial

  • Boilers
  • Commercial Water Heaters
  • Gas Piping
  • Roof Top Units
  • Radiant Tube Heaters
  • Unit Heaters / Garage Heaters
  • Storage Tanks
  • Red Tag

Areas We Serve: Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Brantford, Water down, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Burlington , Oakville, Mississauga and More!


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